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Our Terms

General Terms & Conditions of Sale.


The Seller
Elderberry Brides Ltd. situated at 8 New Street, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 7DE.

The Buyer
The person whose name appears on the Order Form and who is seeking to purchase goods and/or services from the Seller.

1. General

The Buyer's order is accepted on the basis that, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Buyer's order, the following Terms and Conditions are to apply and will comprise the only Terms and Conditions to which the contract is subject.

2. Acceptance

It is the Buyer's responsibility to ensure that upon acceptance of the order it provides the Seller with all reasonable and sufficient information to enable the Seller to proceed with the order forthwith.

3. Limits of Contract

This acceptance includes only such goods and accessories as are specified herein.

4. Prices

Prices are subject to change without notice. The Seller reserves the right to amend prices given to cover any variation in cost which takes place after the date hereof. All price lists, quotes, order confirmation and invoices are in GB pounds sterling (GBP).

5. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed at the time of order, payment is exacted in two parts. Initial payment on order to be half the total value of goods and is required as deposit. Final payment is expected within 30 days of notification that the item(s) stated has been received at the Seller's premises.

6. Ownership

Until such time as all purchased goods are paid for in full, the Seller will retain ownership of those goods. However, upon full and final payment by the Buyer to the Seller, a transfer of ownership will deemed to have taken place whereby the goods henceforth belong to the Buyer.

7. Storage

The Seller will, within all reasonableness, uphold and maintain a duty of care to all goods within its possession at all times. The Seller is under no obligation to store any items beyond a maximum of 30 days from the date of notification to the Buyer of the arrival of the goods at the Seller's premises. After 30 days, a storage fee may be levied at a flat rate of £25.00 per bridal gown and £10.00 per bridesmaid dress per month.

8. Abandonment

If, after sixty days from the Buyer's recorded wear date given to the Seller, any item(s) that have not been collected and which have been paid for in part or in full, that item(s) will be considered abandoned and the Buyer's rights to the item(s) may terminate. During the sixty day period after the recorded wear date, the Seller will attempt to contact the Buyer by telephone, email and/or post to request that the item(s) be collected. If the Buyer is unreachable or unresponsive to the Seller's communications, the rights of the Buyer to the item(s) may similarly terminate.

9. Despatch

Where the Seller provides a date for delivery, all such dates are approximate. The Seller will use best endeavours to ensure that such dates are met but will not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses which may arise from failure to despatch or deliver within the time stated. In addition, the Seller shall not be responsible for failure to deliver or delays in delivery occasioned by causes beyond its control. Should despatch be delayed for any reason whatsoever, a reasonable extension of time shall be granted and until such extension has expired, the contract shall not be capable of cancellation by reason of such delay.

10. Personal

The Seller will not accept any liability for significant variations to the physical profile of the Buyer between the date of order and such time as the Buyer is able to inspect the ordered goods, including weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy and other changes to body shape over which the Seller has no control. Any such variations are limited to what may reasonably be carried out by way of garment alteration by a competent practitioner.

11. Variation

No variation in the contract shall take place unless notified by the Seller in writing. No person, agent or representative of the Seller has any authority on its own behalf to make any addition, qualification or variation to the contract or of these conditions.

12. Cancellation

All orders are accepted on a non-cancellable, no return basis unless the Seller, in writing, consents to a cancellation and then only upon revised Terms and Conditions which shall include the Seller's protection against loss.

13. Waiver

Any waiver by the Seller of any breach of these conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of any other existing or future breach.

14. Sale Goods

Sale items are either marked and/or described as such. Refunds or repairs will only be offered if goods are found to be (i) not of satisfactory quality, (ii) not fit for the purpose for which they were sold, or (iii) do not to correspond with their description. If goods are returned for any other reason, refunds or exchanges will be at the sole discretion of the management.

15. Consumer Law

The Buyer's statutory rights remain unaffected throughout.

16. Applicable Law

This contract shall be subject to English Law and the jurisdiction of the English Courts.