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Easy steps that help a curvy bride look totally amazing

5 simple ways a specialist bridal shop will help a larger bride find the perfect wedding dress.

All the help and inspiration you need is at hand if you know where to look.

Easy steps to help a curvy bride look totally amazing

5 simple ways a specialist bridal shop will help a curvy bride find the perfect wedding dress.

All the help and inspiration you need is at hand if you know where to look.

There was a time when the larger size bride-to-be had a pretty tough time finding a beautiful, fairytale gown that she could wear on one of the biggest days of her life.

Happily, this is no longer the case as many bridal shops now cater for the plus size bride offering a wide choice of styles in sumptuous fabrics, fabulous shades of colours and often with gorgeous detailing.

Or do they really? Well, it's our experience that while many bridal shops claim they cater for the larger bride, in fact very few actually specialise in plus size wedding attire.

This is a very important distinction as it can often make a huge difference to the bride who's not only searching for her dream gown but also wants to have a fabulous bridal experience. She doesn't want to be underwhelmed by a lack of choice nor does she wish to be made to feel uncomfortable should the so-called plus size dresses come up too small. And she most certainly doesn't want to be made to feel that she's somehow different.

Situations such as these are all too common and unsurprisingly result in disappointment which is exactly the opposite of what a bridal experience should be.

So here are five ridiculously simple ways in which a bridal salon that specialises in plus size bridalwear will help a larger bride find her dream dress for her special day.

1. A large selection of styles to choose from

Without wishing to state the obvious, the more gowns that are available for the bride to try on means it becomes easier for the bride to find a style that suits her body shape and increases the likelihood of finding one that meets with her approval.

If a bride is using up her precious time and energy and expense to travel to a bridal salon, the least she can expect is to see how different styles, colours, necklines and embellishments make her look and make her feel.

At Elderberry Brides Plus, we always have a minimum of 100 dresses in our curvy room at any one time.

2. A wide range of sizes to choose from

Of course, no two brides are ever the same size or shape which is why a wide range of sizes should be available when trying on dresses. Every bust, hip or waist measurement can make quite a difference to the fit of a gown so it's very reassuring for the bride to know that this won't be a major problem during her appointment. Additionally, a corset or lace-up back is a very common feature among larger size bridal gowns that gives a bride support, comfort and flexibility.

At Elderberry Brides Plus, we can offer dresses from size UK 16 up to size UK 30 and above.

Dress style 3221 by Mori Lee

Dress style 3221 by Mori Lee (Julietta collection)
Crystal beaded, embroidered appliqués adorn the figure flattering silhouette on this tulle Mermaid bridal gown.

Dress style 29261 by Eternity Bride

Dress style 29261 by Christina Wu (Love collection)
Fit-and-flare chiffon gown with asymmetric pleated bodice, lace straps and keyhole back. Corset back and Chapel train.

A corset or lace-up back adds support, comfort and flexibility

A corset or lace-up back
The lace-up back gives a bride added support, comfort and flexibility.

3. Private and discreet

Not everyone with curves is totally at ease when sharing a changing area with others and especially strangers. It's therefore very important that brides who want privacy have the exclusivity they deserve. This helps to make the bridal experience completely relaxed and much more personal.

At Elderberry Brides Plus, we offer all our plus size brides a spacious room dedicated solely to themselves and their party with a one-and-a-half hour appointment.

4. Guests aplenty

While some brides like to visit a bridal salon on their own, others like to invite guests to share the experience and offer advice. Many bridal shops restrict the number of guests allowed often through a lack of space so if you want to bring family and friends with you then it's always a good idea to check if everyone can be accomodated.

We often get asked how many guests the bride is allowed to bring with her. The simple answer is that we don't like to impose restrictions on our customers although we'd always suggest that three guests is about right. This means there are fewer opinions and avoids creating any uncertainty for the bride.

At Elderberry Brides Plus, we can comfortably accommodate the bride, her Bridal Consultant and all of her family members and friends in our spacious bridal room.

5. What should I bring?

If you have a specific garment you'd like to wear underneath your gown or if a particular heel height is needed please bring these with you. If you have a favourite accessory or a family heir loom, it's a good idea to bring those too.

If you don't have any or all of your accessories, don't worry as these can be taken into account at a later date, usually at your first fitting.

At Elderberry Brides Plus, we have a selection of tiaras, veils, bridal shoes and other accessories to show you ways in which you can complete your look.

There's a dress for every bride

All we would say is, if you are a plus size bride then help is most definitely at hand. There's a dress for every bride with a number of shops that cater specifically for your needs so if you're in any doubt at all simply consult a plus size specialist who can so often turn out to be the curvy bride's best friend.

See a selection of our beautiful brides.

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For more information on our extensive range of gorgeous gowns especially for the curvy bride, either call us on 01256 474 004 or get in touch with us now.

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A curvy lady herself, Pam has owned and managed a successful bridal shop for over 16 years specialising in plus size wedding dresses throughout this time. When she's not working, Pam likes to spend time in her hobby room crafting an assortment of handmade items.

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